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LDAP server crashing

I'm running several parallel ldapadd processes, and occasionally
the server crashes on me with the following in the log:

Aug 27 17:08:51 www slapd[26002]: conn=1 op=2886 ADD 
Aug 27 17:08:51 www slapd[26056]: conn=1 op=2885 RESULT tag=107 err=32 text= 
Aug 27 17:08:51 www slapd[26002]: idl_insert_key: nonexistent continuation 
Aug 27 17:08:51 www slapd[26186]: conn=1 op=2887 DEL dn="uid=k.reza,ou=bd, 
ou=UNDP, o=undot.org" 
Aug 27 17:08:51 www slapd[26002]: conn=1 op=2886 RESULT tag=105 err=80 text=DN 
index generation failed 

There's plenty of disk space.  What could be the problem?

This is version 2.0.7.  Are there known problems with this version?
(I'll upgrade anyway to 2.0.11.)

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