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Re: anyone else with 4dc's having problems

> sendmail and name server configuration seems to be simply a charme as opposed
> to openldap -
> it's really bitter after spending hours and hours of reading and testing to
> see nothing works.
> Meanwhile I guess there is a bug regarding the 4 dc's (?)
I can't help you with the 4 dc's. I haven't tested it. I shouldn't make
a difference though.

> Before I go back to a working Netscape Directory Server,
> maybe there is somebody here who can give me a last clue what went wrong and
> maybe it's of some interest for others who faced the same problems.
> What I've done so far:

OpenLDAP "works" just as well as Netscape DS. I guess maybe you are not
reading enough information.
> 1. Reading README, Howto, RedHat Documentation (Suse nothing available - the
> two systems where I've been testing), tutorials on the web

Ok, which tutorials. A lot of the tutorials and READMEs out there are
for OpenLDAP 1.x. You can use them with OpenLDAP 2.x, but you have to do
a bit of translation.

> 2. installing the RPM packages
> 3. modifying /etc/ldap.conf and /etc/openldap/slapd.conf
> with minor changes (see my former posting)

Your slapd.conf is wrong. You have:

  database        ldbm
  suffix          "dc=it97,dc=dyn, dc=dhs, dc=org"
  suffix          "o=it,c=DE"
  rootdn          "cn=ithum,o=it,c=DE"
  directory       /var/lib/ldap
  index   objectClass,uid,uidNumber,gidNumber,memberUid   eq
  index   cn,mail,surname,givenname                       eq,subinitial

You have two "suffix" definitions. And your rootdn belongs to the one
that you are NOT trying to do an ldapadd with. In this case, you should
remove the "dc=it97,dc=dyn..." part and try to bind as

> start the server - ok; stop the server - ok
> 4. studying RH's migration scripts and use one;
> wondering about the slapd.at.conf and slapd.oc.conf mentioned in some
> tutorials what I've not
> found, but decided this is
> includeded within the schemes; wondering also about ldif2ldbm what apparently
> has been replaced by ldapadd

slapd.at.conf and slapd.oc.conf are specific to OpenLDAP 1.x. In your
earlier post you mentioned that you are using OpenLDAP 2.0.11, the use
of slapd.oc.conf and slapd.at.conf is deprecated.

> 5. tried to use ldapadd without success - see former postings;
> tried to use some tutorial's example configuration,
> especially http://yolinux.com/TUTORIALS/LinuxTutorialLDAP.html
> with a quick start example (stooges) for RH7.1
> did not work! the server started but nothing more...

Your ldiff file in the previous post appears to be incorrect. I'm not an
ldiff expert, but it appears you have some errors in it.

> 6. I've tried and tested some other configurations with RH7.1 and Suse7.2
> without success
Rh7.1 and suse7.2 have nothing to do with the operations of openldap.