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What's the risk for some strange usages on schema?

Hi, all:
I have two questions on schema definition:
1. In order to obtain the schema information from cn=subschema, I modify the following
   three attrbiute definitions in core.schema:
        attributetype ( NAME 'matchingRules'
         EQUALITY objectIdentifierFirstComponentMatch
         SYNTAX )
        attributetype ( NAME 'attributeTypes'
         EQUALITY objectIdentifierFirstComponentMatch
         SYNTAX  )
        attributetype ( NAME 'objectClasses'
         EQUALITY objectIdentifierFirstComponentMatch
         SYNTAX )
  the words "USAGE directoryOperation" for the above attributes are removed. By doing this,
  I can use Netscape Java SDK to obtain schema information, and everything works well.
  This approach is the result under many try-and-error testing. What is the risk to modify
  the above definition?
2. In order to store non-UTF8 code in some standard attributes, I modify the the definition of Attribute name as follows:
        attributetype ( NAME 'name'
         EQUALITY caseIgnoreMatch
         SUBSTR caseIgnoreSubstringsMatch
         SYNTAX{32768} )
    The original syntax "" is modified as ""
    to store non-UTF8 code. Also, everything seems well on any operation(add, modify,delete,search).
    What's the risk to such modification?
Could someone give me some idea?
Thank you very much!
Shih-Chang Wang(汪世昌)
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Internet & Multimedia Application Tech. Lab
Telecommunication Laboratories
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