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Heap memory allocation problem

Title: Heap memory allocation problem

Hi all,
I notice a problem of memory allocation, running the C program allegated.

This program simply make a loop of search operation:
for(j=1; j<10000; j++)
where the Search function is very similar to the standard function explained in the LDAP C SDK examples.

I run the program on a Sun machine with SunOS 5.7 and I look the memory status using
/usr/proc/bin/pmap  nnnn    where nnnn is the PID.

I see that the heap memory always  increase, but I call all the free memory function present in C SDK:

ldap_value_free(valori) ... ldap_memfree( attributi ) ... bee_free(ber) ... ldap_msgfree(res);

in the correct way (I think).



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