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Re: Re: add new entry problem

"Tero Pelander" <tpeland@tkukoulu.fi> wrote...
> On Thu, 23 Aug 2001, openldap wrote:
> > This means all data will be saved in var/openldap-ldbm directory.
> > I tried to delete all file under that directory. When i added and
> > searched entries again,it still worked well. But i found nothing
> > under var/openldap-ldbm directory. why?
> Under unix like systems you can remove the filename but the file itself
> is only removed when the last program that has it open closes it's
> filehandles.

hmm.. isn't the file _not_ "removed" at all..? (same with windows, btw.)
what rm does, is just do delete the entry in the directory. as long as
programs allready have their file-handle, they can read/write from/to the
file as if nothing had happend.. wrong..?
restoring directory entries from inodes is what "undel"-programs do then, i