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Re: Re: add new entry problem

    I have soloved the problem metioned above. Thanks  all for good ideals ,but  I found a strange problem.
   I confiugred "directory       /usr/local/openldap/var/openldap-ldbm" in sladp.conf
   This means all data will be  saved in   var/openldap-ldbm directory. I tried to delete all file under that directory.
  When i added and searched entries again,it still worked well. But i found nothing under var/openldap-ldbm directory. why?
 Maybe all data are in cache?

in  2001-8-23 8:00:00 wrote:
>Only include new items in the file that you are using in the ldapadd
>If you want to change want to amend any details use the ldapmodify command
>with the -r option.
>Hope this helps