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openldap is dog-slow???

Hey list,

I'm about to deploy OpenLDAP for centralized user authentications.  I had
second thoughts though when I read this post (see bottom) in another list.
How true is this and are there any benchmarks available?

M. Yu


I'm planning to use LDAP for UNIX user authentication through RFC2307. I
recall reading a NetworkWorldFusion article where they stated that
OpenLDAP is dog-slow..

They were not kidding!! updating the posixAccount hierarchy (analogous to
/etc/passwd) takes about 0.46 seconds PER ENTRY!! that's horribly slow!!
Querying takes about 0.04 seconds (23 queries per second maximum) which is
still very slow! there's no way I can deploy this in a production
environment with my user load!!

Hmmm.. anyone tried the iPlanet LDAP server?