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Re: Hi all. - sorry off topic

> ah ok.
> Please do mail me if you get it to work.
> That would be really appreciated.

I've just downloaded binutils from sunfreeware.com. And the result is :
really frustrating. I can't compile any so-files correctely even if I
indicate --with-gnu-ld. And this time it is really gnu-ld
GNU ld version 2.11.2 (with BFD 2.11.2).
But this time theres is no more symbol not found : __eprintf; It is
magically gone. But all the ber_xxx things are still in the ldd -r
libldap.so list.
Perhaps there is no important relationship between gnu gcc & gnu ld. I am
not an expert just a frustrated solaris-user.
Does anyone here ever have successfully compiled any libraries under Solaris
8 ?