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FW: Re: maximum number of values in a multivalue field


Your suggestion is good.  I do not WANT to put many values in an
attribute (if avoidable).  I am just wondering (given some of
the schemas that I MAY have to use) what is the MAXIMUM number
of values I can have in a multivalued attribute?  If the
attribute acts flaky (at some earlier threshold) I would also
like to know- what is the biggest number of values a multivalues
attribute can have and still have "correct" behavior.

> I suggest, do not put a big number of values in a multivalued
field. You
> cannot retrieve it is 'parts' as per today's ldap standards.
Other wise
> your ldap call will block when you make a call to retrieve
> attribute with lot of entries. Also resource constrants you
need to keep
> in mind. Use alternate design instead.