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Re: SSL Question: Is Everyone Ignorant or Just Non-responsive

Check this faq.


--- John Luce <john.luce@alcatel.com> wrote:
> I have asked this many times as have many other
> folks and have never seen a
> REAL answer to this:
> We are developing an app that will use an SSL
> connection to the LDAP Server.
> We are using Certificates.
> What is the EXACT sequence of calls to the LDAP
> Client Library to do this.
> What does NOT work is what is in the examples in
> ...../client/tools since
> those do not care about certificates.
> Also, since it is an embedded app, the LDAP URI is
> not usable as we use IP
> addresses only and non-default port numbers.
> Therefore "ldap_initialize()"
> is not usable.
> Has ANYONE done this successfully ? If so, what was
> the sequence of calls
> and what parameters were MANDATORY...
> I'll make a deal.. if I can get this up and running,
> I'll write a "How-To"
> for this...
> Thanks!
> John

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