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SSL Question: Is Everyone Ignorant or Just Non-responsive

I have asked this many times as have many other folks and have never seen a
REAL answer to this:

We are developing an app that will use an SSL connection to the LDAP Server.

We are using Certificates.

What is the EXACT sequence of calls to the LDAP Client Library to do this.

What does NOT work is what is in the examples in ...../client/tools since
those do not care about certificates.

Also, since it is an embedded app, the LDAP URI is not usable as we use IP
addresses only and non-default port numbers. Therefore "ldap_initialize()"
is not usable.

Has ANYONE done this successfully ? If so, what was the sequence of calls
and what parameters were MANDATORY...

I'll make a deal.. if I can get this up and running, I'll write a "How-To"
for this...