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creating entries from netscape

hi there,

i am having an infuriating time of getting netscape to work with
openldap.  i have everything configured and working wonderfully, using
the 'GQ' client i can connect (even with tls) and
create/view/modify/delete things till my hearts content.  i have pam and
nss working, and after a day of headaches setting it up yesterday i
finally figured that my ldap implementation was starting to look up.

now, i am trying to set it up so me and my family can use ldap to store
our address books.  they use windows, and a combination of netscape
email and outlook(express) to do email, so i'm trying to get netscape
email working.

after finally working around the stupid dn lookup issue, and finally
being able to search for stuff, i tried to start adding entries.  but
absolutely no go.  is netscape just not capable of writing to ldap
servers?  i can only think this is the answer, as NO-ONE else seems to
be complaining about this, i've been searching for some time now on the
'net, lists etc.

please excuse me if it should be obvious that the ldap server is
readonly from the mail clients, i had always just assumed that one would
be able to store their own stuff on the server also, it seems like a
sensible thing to do.

i have cleared out the access list temporarily, and even added a
'defaultaccess write' line to the slapd.conf file, but this seems to
make no difference.

also, i am confused about the logging.  it seems that no matter what
number i put as the loglevel (currently is -1, but i've tried 1983 also)
i seem to get absolutely nothing logged in the messages file.  this has
also driven me crazy as i've been 'debugging' this quite blind.

all of this is on a fresh redhat 7.1 machine with the provided 2.0.7
openldap rpms.

any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated.  if this is an
entirely inappropriate list to post this, please forgive me and tell me
where to go (that would be appropriate... ;-)