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Re: tls functions

> "Gayathri.A" wrote:
> Hi all,
>             this is a query related with tls-openldap api. I'm doing
> the following in my api to enable ssl.
> 1. used ldap_init to initialise  connection.
> 2. set version as version3
> 3. called ldap_start_tls_s
> I get an error 91: unable to connect to server. I'm using
> openldap-2.0.11, in my linux box. How do i rectify?
> Sorry for the newbie query. Thanks in advance for any help extended.

Your procedure looks correct; however, depending on the status
of the server and on the arguments you feed the function you 
mentioned, there are many chances of getting an error. Try to
stick with the code of the tools that come with OpenLDAP (say
clients/tool/ldapsearch.c) and see if you can work it out.


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