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openldap performance numbers vs NS

Hiya all,

I am currently trying to get openldap accepted 
as the ldap directory solution at my company. 
Netscape representatives have been telling my boss
that openldap cant scale, performs poorly, 
doesn't have the needed stability, and cant hold
nearly the amount of data that iplanet directory
server can. 

Netscape claims: 

1. Can handle over 50 million entries per server
2. Can import over 1 million entries per hour
3. Has achived a query rate of 5200 entries per hour
4. Offers performance that scales lineraly with multiple cpus
5. 500 million directory licenses sold worldwide (over 70% of the
   ldap market)

Does anyone have any real world experiences with openldap that 
show it can scale, performs well, stable, etc ?

We would probably be looking at 50k records tops (and thats if
I put the kitchen sink in it) and using the latest version 2.x.

Thanks a bunch.. Mike