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Re: openldap performance numbers vs NS

Archive User wrote:

Hiya all,

I am currently trying to get openldap accepted as the ldap directory solution at my company. Netscape representatives have been telling my boss
that openldap cant scale, performs poorly, doesn't have the needed stability, and cant hold
nearly the amount of data that iplanet directory
server can.

Just tell him that it's free. Unforunately, that doesn't work for too many PHBs. (PHB = pointy-haired boss) I'm sure there's some benchmarks somewhere. Here's one:


As far as those Netscape numbers go, it's all bullshit. Scalability is all dependant on the hardware and OS that runs on it. Sure, I can run my 16-processor 2GHz Xeon machine on a bare-bones Linux for benchmarks, but am I going to tell them that? Hell no. If I admit the exact type of hardware/OS my machine, then I leave myself open to a fair comparison. (All they have to do is do the exact same test with the other software product, in this case: OpenLDAP.) As soon as boss quit falling for marketing schemes, the world would be a better place. But, I guess part of your job is education.

Brendan Byrd (brendanb@missiondata.com)
System Administrator @ Mission Data