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Re: Replication only certain parts

Craig Hancock wrote:
> Hello all I Was wondering I see that it is possible to have certain
> entries representd in different parts of a database. Is it possible
> in replication to have only certain entries or databses replicated
> and not the entire thing. And if so how.

At present the replication can affect only a backend
in its entirety.  With 2.0.12 you'll be able to replicate
subtrees within a backend, e.g. if your backend
has suffix 

"dc=my, dc=org" 

and subtrees

"ou=Dept X, dc=my, dc=org" 
"ou=Dept Y, dc=my, dc=org" 
"ou=Dept Z, dc=my, dc=org" 
"ou=Dept W, dc=my, dc=org" 

you'll be able to replicate only some of the subtrees.
You can try it by getting a snapshot (HEAD or REL_ENG_2)
from the CVS.  There might be evolutions of partial 
replication.  Kurt proposed to apply ACLs to the entries 
before they're written to the replog, and also mentioned
a replication approach based on LCUP (Client Update 
Protocol), although the related draft discourages its use
for such purpose.

If you need it now, the best thing you can do is partition
your database in different backends, or try the above
mentioned snapshots.


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