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RE: outside DB to LDAP

OpenLDAP has a 'back-sql' facility that accomplishes this.  Take a look at
back-sql directory (unser slapd) for docs and source.

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Subject: outside DB to LDAP

I asked this question before, but I don't think I indicated the
situation adequately. I have an outside DB containing info that
needs to make it to LDAP (and a lot more).  The info in the
outside DB is dynamic (so it isn't just a one time load deal) so
I need a way of getting it into LDAP that is continuous, and
also one that indicates if problems occured.  I was thinking of
making the outside DB write a file containing changelog type
entries, a slurpd (not connected to any real slapd) would be
waiting for changes to this file and would then push the changes
to the root LDAP (binding as the root), who would then push
changes to the slaves (through other slurpd processes).  Is this
a reasonable way of doing things?  Has anyone tried it before? 
Any other suggestions (I didn't want to do periodic dumps from
the DB into a normal ldiff and then ldapmodify on that, because
that would be less "continuous" and require more overhead for