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Re: nss_ldap was Re: BSDi and Linux

> >In file included from ldap-ethers.c:65:
> >ldap-ethers.h:44: field `e_addr' has incomplete type
> >ldap-ethers.c:24: warning: `rcsId' defined but not used
> >ldap-ethers.h:60: warning: `_nss_ldap_parse_ether' declared `static' but
> >never defined
> Where is struct ether_addr defined?
> $ grep struct ether_addr /usr/include/*/*
I can't find it anywhere. Even on a linux box which nss_ldap will compile.

> Also, you should really subscribe to nssldap@padl.com (send mail
> to majordomo@padl.com with "subscribe nssldap" in the body) to
> continue this discussion..

Well I did, but there doesn't appear to be much (any) traffic on that