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Re: ldapadd still slow, even with tweaks?

On Mon, Aug 06, 2001 at 12:33:23PM -0400, oberwetter, josh wrote:
% (1) Turn off ALL indexing
% (2) Do the import
% (3) Stop the server.
% (4) Turn indexing on by updating your config file 
% (5) Reindex using the slapindex tool
% (6) Restart the server

This works wonders on the add; it only takes about forty minutes now.
However, slapindex took at least five or six hours to index everything. Can
I leave slapd running as long as no writes are made to the directory? Will
the indexes changing from under slapd cause problems? I don't mind the extra
hit to unindexed data on a short-term basis, but I'd really like to not have
to down the directory for several hours while the indexes build.

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