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Indexing Problem?

We have a fairly good sized OpenLDAP installation, and we're seeing some
odd behavior with regards to indexing.  If I have a record such as:

dn: uid=mgardiner, ou=people, dc=sysadminsith, dc=org
uid: mgardiner
mail: mgardiner@authorize.net
mailAlternateAddress: maree.gardiner@sysadminsith.org

And I'm indexing the uid, mail, and mailAlterateAddress fields with:

mail,mailAlternateAddress,uid pres,eq,sub

I will, on occasion, have slaves that appear to miss place one of the
indexed fields. (Most often, it's the "mail" attribute)  If you search
for the record on that indexed field, it will not appear.  Search
for it on a non-indexed attribute, and it will appear.  Running slapindex
appears to solve the problem.

While I can be pro-active and shut down my slaves every once in a while and
regenerate the indexes, that seems ugly.

Is anyone else experiencing similar symptoms?


adam@sysadminsith.org - (http://sysadminsith.org)
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