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Re: Indexing Problem?

"adam jacob" <adam@sysadminsith.org> wrote...
> We have a fairly good sized OpenLDAP installation, and we're seeing some
> odd behavior with regards to indexing.
> And I'm indexing the uid, mail, and mailAlterateAddress fields with:
> mail,mailAlternateAddress,uid pres,eq,sub
> I will, on occasion, have slaves that appear to miss place one of the
> indexed fields. (Most often, it's the "mail" attribute)
> Running slapindex appears to solve the problem.
> While I can be pro-active and shut down my slaves every once in a while
> regenerate the indexes, that seems ugly.
> Is anyone else experiencing similar symptoms?

no, not here at least.. though we're running openldap1.2.11 and we're just
using "eq"-index for our mail-ldap-servers. we've about 400k entries in the
db, and a single replication to one slave. indexing seems to work without
any problem for more than 10months or so now.