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RE: ldapsearch in OL 2

On Fri, 3 Aug 2001, Warren Dale wrote:

> I have used a technique like this to get all of July:
> '(&(modifyTimestamp>=20010701000000Z)(modifyTimestamp<=20010731235959Z))' 
> Useful?

Unfortunately, not.  I have other programs (written in C, linked against
-lldap and using ldapsearch()) which expect memberUntil to be a 6-character
string of the form YYYYmm.  Changing all of that would be a pain in the

Structuring the query isn't the problem, it's modifying the software which
expects a specific format to exepct a different one (or being clever and
handling a bunch of different formats).  I don't have the time to modify all
the other programs, and neither does anyone else around here, apparently.

I specifically structured the field so that it would be simple to do the
search.  A numeric string ordering match would work perfectly, and I'm going
to install 2.0.12 in the hope it will solve my woes.

#include <disclaimer.h>
Matthew Palmer