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Re: ldapsearch in OL 2

Matthew Palmer wrote:

> Yeah, I think Z === Zulu.  However, I don't need, want, or desire second
> resolution - I need month resolution.  I could use the full form and then
> discard everything after the month,

I guess that's what people usually do.

> but there is significant code deployed
> on site which assumes a 6-digit, YYYYmm format string.  Modifying all that
> is likely to be an irritating venture,

You may delegate the comparison/breeding in a function that takes
care of normalizing the date back and forth according to your needs;
then code changes would be very localized.

> and will probably occupy us beyond
> the release of 2.0.12 (or .13, for that matter).

> That sounds like a reasonable vote of confidence.

I mean: it should really be a matter of days. And you may consider
using REL_ENG_2 in the meanwhile: the fact it is tagged REL_*
means it's something WAY better than an unreliable HEAD snapshot.


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