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Problem on AIX 4.3.3


I got the stable version of OpenLDAP source .
I did the following commands :
env CPPFLAGS="-I<GDBM include directory>" LDFLAGS="-L<GDBM libraries directory>" ./reconfigure --with-ldbm-api=gdbm
make depend
The cc_r compiler is used.

When I launch the slapd daemon, I have  a Segmentation fault core dump.
I look at the core and I see that slapd  cores in the ber_strdup() function.
What's the problem ?

I tried to use strdup() function instead of ber_strdup(), adding the CSRIMALLOC define in the compiler flags.
Now the slapd returns immediatly without any messages. The process disappears.
If I launch slapd -d 255 , the slapd cores in ldap_log_printf() function.

I think that I have an environment problem . Could you help me ?