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Re: Openldap and Solaris 8

> Dear Folks
> I am trying configure a Solaris 8 Server to authenticate in Openldap
> Server installed in the same server, the openldap work well, but, the
> Solaris can't authenticate in the openldap.
> I configured the files /var/ldap/ldap_client_cred
> /var/ldap/ldap_client_file and the file nsswitch.conf and the program
> ldaplist work well .
> Somebody can help me.
> Thanks.

oh I have the same problem. It is the hell on earth. Can't get it to work.
Some people say that ldapclient won't work with openldap-2.0.11. Some say it
works...A lot of documentations all around but as you know it never works on
your own system...
You can find a good documentaion on http://www.ypass.net
They did it with openldap-2.0.8 + patch. I tried it out but I really can't
get it work neither with 2.0.11 nor with 2.0.8
These guys did it but in my case it is not working despite of their great

good luck