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search & modify


I noticed OpenLDAP does a good job on search.  But it moves very slowly
on writes.  

For example, given the same LDIF file with 50,000 entries  or so  (most
of them are of 'changetype: modify' and tens of them are of 'changetype:
add'), the same ldapmodify command can make those changes in
MessagingDirect's directory server in about 1 hour.  But it needs about
10 hours to make the changes in our OpenLDAP server (2.0.11).  The
actual ldapmodify command we use looks something like:

/usr/local/bin/ldapmodify -h host -D "cn=manager,ou=dsa,dc=tamu,dc=edu"
-w "secret" -c -f input-LDIF 1>output 2>&1

I also noticed that OpenLDAP does not consume much memory during the
execution of ldapmodify.  I'm wondering if OpenLDAP trades modification
speed for low memory usage?  I'm asking this because although MD's
directory can do modifications fast, it eats a lot mem.  

Anybody has the similar experience with OpenLDAP?   Is there anyway to
speed up the modifications?


Bing Du <bing-du@tamu.edu, 979-845-9577>
Texas A&M University, CIS, Operating Systems, Unix