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Re: pam_ldap for authorization

I use my own utilities for password changes, so I can't promise this
works, but I believe all you need to do is:

cp /etc/pam.d/passwd /etc/pam.d/passwd_BACKUP
cp /usr/share/doc/nss_ldap-149/pam.d/passwd /etc/pam.d

This will backup your current pam config file for the passwd command line
utility and replace it with the one that the pam_ldap folks suggest.

No promises as to security or function -- I've never used it.

On Mon, 30 Jul 2001, keith@cinema wrote:

> Hi,
> I have setup a LDAP server in my RH 7.1 machine and I can also use it for user authentication. However, I cannot change user password successfully. 
> How can I set up the server so that users password can be changed successfully?
> Thanks,
> Keith   

Leo Edmiston-Cyr
Network Administrator, PennsWoods.net