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Re: mailacceptinggeneralid in OpenLDAP-2.0.11


I haven't followed the whole discussion, but the qmail-ldap mailserver (qmail with the
ldap extensions) provide a schema for openldap 2.* (and for openldap 1.*) This
includes a quota definition also. If you download qmail (www?qmail.org) and apply the
ldap patch (www.nrg4u.com) then you can take a look at it.


"Kevin J. Menard, Jr." wrote:

> Hey Ørnulf,
> Thursday, June 21, 2001, 1:30:16 PM, you wrote:
> ØN> However, there is another draft:
> ØN> http://www.watersprings.org/pub/id/draft-lachman-laser-ldap-mail-routing-02.txt
> Has anyone come up with any sort of schema for the mailQuota attribute this
> document uses in examples?
> And on a more general note, has anyone come up with any sort of Posix system
> schema for system quotas?
> Thanks.
> --
>  Kevin