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Re: LDAP Applications

Work has started on a php-ldap user/group admin application for administering users for different contexts (posix,imap,samba,rolodap). This project might need some developers if you are interested, have alook at it here: http://www.linuxnetworks.de/enterprise/mail/index.html


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Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2001 2:32 PM
Subject: Re: LDAP Applications

> >I'm a newbie(LDAP). I've just started learning how things work
> >under LDAP. But, I don't have any exposure as to the diversity of
> >applications one can think of using LDAP. Can anyone shed light on
> >this aspect? I wanted to do a final year project(I'm a student) based on
> >this. So please do suggest a challenging and a lot more promising
> >app. Thanx in advance.
> 1. You could take over my stalled LDAPConsole project,  I'd be very happy to
> talk to you about it.
> 2. You could work on the XML-Query/LDAP Provider for the gnome-db project
> (http://www.gnome-db.org).  Then people could use very nice applications like
> gASQL (on GNOME at least) to work in LDAP.
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