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Re: LDAP Directory Design help needed !!!

"Prune" <prune@lecentre.net> wrote...
-- heavysnip --
> I'm using apache + php + openldap. What I do in my authentication page,
> is ask for the uid and the password, then do an ldap bind according to
> if the bind works, i'm authentified. else, I have a "no authorization"
> page.
> I think this is a good methode as I don't have to care how password are
> encrypted in LDAP.
> Maybe someone on the list could confirm this is a good way to do what
> you want ?

there's also a ldap-auth module for apache, (search for it at apache.org)
maybe you want to use this, and let the webserver do the authentication
stuff.. but i guess this is just a matter of taste..