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Re: LDAP and Active Directory

>I also don't like the idea of having a critical Service on a M$
>Server. That's why I am looking for a (linux/solaris) workgroup-server as a
>replacement for Exchange, that also works with Outlook and which does
>user authentication against a ldap or nis directory. I' m not
>interested in an email server (this is easily done by sendmail and an 
>imap/pop3 daemon here), but the group collaboration and scheduling service. (I
>do not know, if and how Outlook interacts with other group collaboration
>servers, as I have just little experience with it.) 


Or LUG list recently had a long thead about Exchange alternatives and other
assorted noise most titlef "Linux in high schools", as public school admins are
interested in this.  Several suggestions were made.  If you have any questions
about the posts feel free to join our list and ask there.

This topic really isn't appropriate for this list.

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