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Re: What are the 4 processes in slapd?

Hey Matt,

Friday, July 20, 2001, 9:54:30 AM, you wrote:

MW>    The business I work for is currently considering using the OpenLDAP slapd, 
MW> however the higher ups wanted a bunch of information on it. I figured most of 
MW> it out except for one question, they wanted to know what each of the 4 
MW> processes were for in slapd, like what each one does, and if it creates 
MW> anymore at any time. I would try to figure out this myself but I'm not 
MW> familiar with the C libraries for UNIX processes and threads. I was hoping a 
MW> developer might know this right off the top of their head (this could make a 
MW> decent FAQ too!). Thanks for any help!!

MW>      ~Matt Witherspoon

I'm not a developer of openldap, and don't really know the answer, but a lot
of daemon software creates several processes to handle multiple connections