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Adding auxiliary class to structural class

I'm now working with auxiliary class. I want to attach an auxiliary class to a strutural class in an entry of LDAP. It seems that we can not attach an auxiliary class to a structural class if the auxiliary class have some attributes existe already in the structurel class, is that right?.
One thing more, I'm now using Sun directory Service, and try to install a openLDAP on my PC which use Windows2000. It is required the database LDAP exist auready, but I have not any database LDAP on Windows 2000, do any one of you have, can you send me one so that I can complet my instalation the server OpenLdap.
I hope that some of you reply me soon, I really need your help.
Truong Dieu Linh
Lab. TeleInformatique
Dept. Informatique
UQAM - Canada