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using TLS from the client side

Okay, I've enabled TLS/SSL in slapd and if I call ldapsearch -ZZ, it works, so 
I must have it working.

I realize this question might be better asked elsewhere...several elsewheres 
in fact, but I'm asking here because the question is triggered by use of 
openldap and those who use the other pieces of software are almost certainly 
also on this list.

How do tell all my client side software to use TLS?  I use nss_ldap.  I have 
my own perl scripts that user perl-ldap.  I have qmail-ldap.  I also have 
replicas.  Does the replica operation already attempt TLS?

A list of answers to these questions might be worth putting the the FAQ.

Also, it might be nice if the usage of TLS were logged somewhere so I could tell 
if various packages are using it or not.


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