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Re: [Fwd: about your ldap plugins for proftpd]

Hey Prune,

Tuesday, July 17, 2001, 3:22:37 AM, you wrote:

P> Hi,

P> I had no answer from the author of the mod_ldap, so I forward this mail 
P> here...

Well, he usually takes a little bit, because he's a busy man, but he always
replies :)

P> Behind this mail, my question (for ldap apps developpers) is :
P> Is it a good thing to directly bind as a user or is it better to bind as 
P> manager (or privileged user), get the full DN for a user and then bind 
P> again as this user...?

Depends on what you want.  And the ProFTPd directives more or less lay it
out for you.  I would bind directly as the user myself.  If you use a
privileged user, you have to store that password in a file, which I don't
like to do.  Apparently, a privileged bind allows any password scheme, but
this is of no consequence to me, since all my users use SSHA-1 for

P> Thanks

P> Prune