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multi-threaded slapd and redhat patches

In the redhat package for openldap 2.0.7, they have a readme file that
says that slapd is compiled in their package to be single threaded for
stability and that a special patch is needed to help things when a server
is busy fielding one request and other requests queue up, causing a cpu
spike.  Their patch is supposed to help this out.

My real question is, how stable is openldap 2.0.11 slapd running in
multithreaded mode?  We're trying to deploy openldap as an authentication
system with 85-130 clients, so single-threaded just doesn't cut it at all.

In my experience so far, slapd stability in general still leaves something
to be desired.  I hope to have more information on this today, but I have
a particular ldap entry that when you enter a particular filter search
request for that entry, will crash slapd every time.  I'm running it
through a debugger now and hoping to reproduce it on another machine.