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Re: Problems with 2.0.11

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begin  Patrick von der Hagen quotation:
>access to * by domain=irams1\.ira\.uka\.de read
>	by domain=localhost read
>	by domain=irams1 read
>	by domain=i09pc1*\.atis\.uni-karlsruhe\.de read
>but those hosts fail to access it. They work however, if I set
>defaultaccess to read.
>Surprisingly, the same config works on the master but fails on the
>slave. The master is 2.0.11 on debian-linux, the slave is 2.0.11 on
>Solaris 8.

It seems that you are expecting the resolver to do some of the work for
you.  irams1 != irams1.atis.uni-karlsruh.de.  Or have you already tried
specifying the FQDN and it didn't work?
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