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Re: Problems with 2.0.11

On Fri, Jul 13, 2001 at 09:16:34AM -0700, Todd Lyons wrote:
> Without knowing the command that you're using, it's just a guess, but
> you are not using any DN to bind for the directory search.
You are right, I don't use a DN and a don't want to. The
adress-information is not really critcal but on the other hand I don't
want to spread it outside my institute. So instead of giving thousand
people passwords and accounts I just want to authenticate by our domain.
I want to allow everyone from ira.uka.de, but no one else.

My config is:

defaultaccess none
access to dn="(.*,)?ou=Mail,dc=ira,dc=uka,dc=de" by domain=i09pc1.\.atis\.uni-karlsruhe\.de read

access to * by domain=irams1\.ira\.uka\.de read
	by domain=localhost read
	by domain=irams1 read
	by domain=i09pc1*\.atis\.uni-karlsruhe\.de read
but those hosts fail to access it. They work however, if I set
defaultaccess to read.

Surprisingly, the same config works on the master but fails on the
slave. The master is 2.0.11 on debian-linux, the slave is 2.0.11 on
Solaris 8.