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userPassword doing it's own thing.

I can't seem to get the userPassword to do what I expect. My understanding is 
that you put your password (with whatever encryption you prefer) into an ldif 
and load it in. But something happens when I do that. For example, when I try 
a plain text password:

     userPassword: testpass

Then do an ldapadd and an ldaplookup, the password is that is returned is:

     userPassword:: dGVzdHBhc3M=

If I try to send the password encrypted like:

     userPassword: {SSHA}hdqG1Xt2L6HZg96N8INaR2CPlr1VuxM6

And update the user entry, then in the database, it is:

     userPassword:: e1NTSEF9aGRxRzFYdDJMNkhaZzk2TjhJTmFSMkNQbHIxVnV4TTY=

Argh! What is happening? Why is it messing with what I tell it? I've been 
searching the archives for hours, but most seems to apply to OpenLDAP 1.x and 
ces vs. bin which doesn't seem to apply to 2.x...

My system:

OpenLDAP 2.0.11
Linux 2.2.19-4.1mdk



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