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Using LDAP in a Redhat Installation

Hello LDAP-Cracks :-)

I'm starting to use LDAP in our network-environment....but there are
is a lot of uncertainties about the schemas and the setup with the
several services....

Is there any redhat-specific available except inaccurate documentation
on the redhat server ?

I want to do the following things:

- to set up two openldap-servers which replicat each other
- Authentification with pam_ldap for the unix-workstations
- (Mounting nfs-shares on the workstations dynamically)
- authentification of a cyrus-imap against ldap
- authetification of a samba-server against ldap

I saw that there are some schemas provided with the redhat-distribution
- but i'm not able able to use them.

I bought some books - but no book explains this things in detail....

We want to use Linux as a system for our developers - but we need a good
central usermanagment for this to keep the expence of the extra
administration of linux-workstations low :-)

Which tool is good enough to edit this database in a easy way ?

I'm offering to write this documentation, if there is no such
documentation available - maybe someone hast some links for the
enlisted things.....


Marc Schöchlin