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SUMMARY: import-export

Title: SUMMARY: import-export

thank you all very much.

finally, i got the correct commands:

on my production server, i ran this:

./ns-slapd db2ldif -a <output file> -f <path to "slapd.conf">  -s <suffix>

fortunately, i ran the above command on both boxes and saved a copy of each suffi.
i made the mistake of getting all three suffi and running this command on my dev box for each suffi:

./ns-slapd ldif2db -i <ldif_file> -f <slapd.conf>

the foreign suffix caused this error message on my development box:

[13/Jul/2001:11:56:49 -0500] - warning: dncomp not indexed on 'o=transora.com'

so i restored my original indi, and just ran the common suffi between the two boxes.

you know who you are and much thanks. sorry for any grief.


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Use the "db2ldif" command in the "../slapd-<host>/" directory which will
dump EVERYTHING including "machine data". Or use V4/V5 Netscape Console
(V3 Admin Server) to do an EXPORT of the USER data only, which is
probably what you really want.

Send export.ldif to other server and from other server Netscape
Console/Admin Server, do an IMPORT.

You CAN use LDAPSEARCH if you REALLY WANT to, but it isn't necessary.
For OpenLDAP, which this mailing list is really for, you could use

On 10 Jul, Francis, Rick wrote:
> hi,
> i have an ldap database (actually iplanet ldap database)
> which i want to export everything in to an ldif file.
> then take the ldif file and import it onto another server
> running an iplanet ldap db.
> i'm thinking:
> ldapsearch > ldif.file
> ldapadd < ldif.file
> but how do i get everything from ldapsearch command?
> and is there anything else i need to do, config, save, multiple
> ldapsearch commands/ldapadd's????

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