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probably newbie problem

  Hi all!
 I'm somewhat newbie with LDAP so please bear with me.
 I've installed OpenLDAP 2.0.11 on Debian box (using native debian packages
 <<i only recompiled slapd to have SSL support>>). I've imported users into
 LDAP without many problems and all authentication runs smoothly here..
 The only problem is that normal user (non-root) can't see account that are
 LDAP-only. Here is an example:
robert@staff:~$ id jedi
id: jedi: No such user
robert@staff:~$ su -
staff:~# id jedi
uid=1050(jedi) gid=1050(jedi) groups=1050(jedi)

same goes when using finger and so on...

I'm sure i must have screwed something but i don't really know where to look

 I'll appreciate any help with this

 oh! one more.. does anyone have some simple to follow howto on using Exim 
 and LDAP (for users that are LDAP-only)?

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