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Netscape LDAP SDK (4.0/4.1) on an OPEN LDAP server


did anybody tried working with Netscape LDAP SDK on an  OPEN LDAP
server ?

I have a problem that when working with 10 threads,
I am performing a series of write/update/delete operation
on the LDAP server.
When running the application with Netscape, I do not have any problems.
When I try to run it with Open LDAP, i have a problem :
when trying to add an object , I get an LDAP Exception od "already
But when I tried immediately to read that object, I find out
that I cannot do it ; it is as if this object does not exist .

Did anybody worked with  Netscape LDAP SDK and OPEN LDAP?

Did anybody have problems when using Netscape LDAP SDK and OPEN LDAP?

Moreover, I am using the Netscape LDAP 4.0 version.
when I try to use the most new version (LDAP 4.1 version)
I do also have similiar problems.


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