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Re: LDAP status info with root DSA in openLdap

Mikael Grehn wrote:

> Hello,
> in openLdap1.x.x I used the ldapSearch tool with command-line:
>             ldapsearch.exe -s base -b cn=monitor
> 'objectclass=*'
> to get some info about my running ldap server.
> I tried the same search on my new openldap2.0.8 server and got
> "Error No Such Object"?
> Is the monitor rootDSA object removed in openLdap2.x.x?

There was some code, which required to manually change
an #ifdef in include/ldap_defaults.h about
SLAPD_MONITOR_DN; however that code is completely
broken. At present I started working on the subject. It will
be completely reworked. You may find some hints in an old


Hints are welcomed, as the work is right at the beginning
and we've plenty of time to come out with a solution that
fits most of the users' needs. In the following days I'll post
a message on openldap-devel apout the solution I'm going
to implement. Suggestions are welcome.

> How can I get the rootDSA info. from openLdap2.0.8?

At present there's no way.


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