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Re: Issues I've had migrating from openldap-1 to openldap-2

At 10:04 AM 7/5/2001, Chris Garrigues wrote:
>[ Second attempt; I mailed this on Tuesday, but it appears to have never 
>  gotten posted. ]
>Aside from the learning curve on getting my database in a useable condition, 
>I've had a couple of issues which could probably be fixed in the code.
>1) It seems that references really don't work right when a v2 query comes in.  
>If the client is switched to use the v3 protocol, you get the right reference, 
>but if it's using v2, the URL is incomplete.

Not sure what you mean by incomplete.  I'll note that certain
URL fields are optional in referrals.  For LDAPv2 referrals,
see <http://www.umich.edu/~dirsvcs/ldap/doc/other/ldap-ref.html>.

>Once I've got everything 
>upgraded this won't be an issue for me any more, but fixing it would make the 
>transition easier.

We'll be moving away from implicit DNs down the road (for both
LDAPv2 and LDAPv3) as there appears to be a number of implementations
(including OpenLDAP 1) which appear to have problems handling them.

>2) I had 'sub' indexes on some fields which I can't seem to put them on any 
>longer.  In particular, I had them on iphostnumber and cn so I could find 
>hosts by searching for '(iphostnumber=10.1.2.*)' or '(cn=*.vircio)'.  

You should be able to create a 'sub' index on 'cn'.  Note that
the test suite does this.

iphostnumber, per schema, doesn't support substrings matching.

>Also related to #2, in the old code, I could have a wildcard search on 
>something w/o an index.  It worked, but it was slow.  Now it doesn't work at 
>all.  Was this an oversight or intentional.

Likely the substrings assertion you are making is Undefined.