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Issues I've had migrating from openldap-1 to openldap-2

[ Second attempt; I mailed this on Tuesday, but it appears to have never 
  gotten posted. ]

Aside from the learning curve on getting my database in a useable condition, 
I've had a couple of issues which could probably be fixed in the code.

1) It seems that references really don't work right when a v2 query comes in.  
If the client is switched to use the v3 protocol, you get the right reference, 
but if it's using v2, the URL is incomplete.  Once I've got everything 
upgraded this won't be an issue for me any more, but fixing it would make the 
transition easier.

2) I had 'sub' indexes on some fields which I can't seem to put them on any 
longer.  In particular, I had them on iphostnumber and cn so I could find 
hosts by searching for '(iphostnumber=10.1.2.*)' or '(cn=*.vircio)'.  
Apparently I can't do this any more w/o changing nis.schema and core.schema.

Is there a reason for this?

Also related to #2, in the old code, I could have a wildcard search on 
something w/o an index.  It worked, but it was slow.  Now it doesn't work at 
all.  Was this an oversight or intentional.


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