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Re: OpenLDAP in Solaris 8

On Fri, Jul 06, 2001 at 09:28:34AM +1000, Geoff Collin wrote:
> A native Solaris pam_unix and openldap.2.0.11 problem.
> Followed instructions kindly provided in 
> http://blacklotus.cc.ic.ac.uk/~pjm3/solaris8_ldap.html
> and friends.

you really dont want to do that.

use the PADL pam_ldap module, as detailed in
 ( The URL gives explicit pam.conf instructions)

That way, your passwords will be encrypted over the wire.

> All goes well until it finally sort of works - server finds the user and
> returns encrypted password. The connection is then terminated
> immediately. The only clue I've got at the moment is an entry in
> /var/log/authlog
>   Jul  6 08:39:23 europa login: [ID 432192 auth.alert]
>   User gco needs Secure RPC credentials to login.

sounds like you somehow have convinced the OS to half-way use nisplus.
look at /etc/nsswitch.conf as well as pam.conf