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RE: Replication Question/Problem

> Hi there,
> I am trying to set up my ldap server to replicate to a slave.
> My question is, how should the account that does the
replication look in the
> directory? For instance, if I use the account
?uid=repl,dc=dinmar,dc=com? as
> the binddn for the replica host, and the updatedn on the
slave, what should
> the entry look like in the ldap directory?  What should the
attribute for
> the credentials be called?

You can use any of the "person" objects that have a password
attribute.  The credentials are stored in the password

I had this very same question when I was working on replication.
> As a sidenote, I can get replication working when using root
and rootpw, but
> I really would rather not use this for security reasons.

A wise choice- also you'll probably want to go through SASL when
you have that up (I'm going to set up my SASL later) since you
don't have much security without it....