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Re: FreeBSD port net/openldap2 syslog bug?

On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, dannyman wrote:

> My concern though is with slapd's described functionality:
>        -n service-name
>               Specifies the service name for  logging  and  other
>               purposes.   Defaults  to basename of argv[0], i.e.:
>               "slapd".
>        -l syslog-local-user
>               Selects the local user of the  syslog(8)  facility.
>               Values  can  be  LOCAL0,  LOCAL1,  and so on, up to
>               LOCAL7.  The  default  is  LOCAL4.   However,  this
>               option  is  only  permitted on systems that support
>               local users with the syslog(8) facility.
> So, I've got "facility", "service-name", and "syslog-local-user" to deal
> with.  It seems to me that "service-name" ought to imply "facility" but
> in fact "syslog-local-user" is implying "facility."  Is this as it
> should be and I'm just making naive assumptions, or may there be some
> confusion between OpenLDAP 2 and FreeBSD syslog facility?

The "service-name" is a synonym for the program (executable) name
logged by syslog, not the logging facility.  Using "-n myslapd2" would
be the same as copying or linking the slapd executable to 'myslapd2'
and executing it via that name.  "syslog-local-user" does define a
facility to use, but of course you can only define the local
facilities.  All of the facilities are pre-defined and you can't just
make one up, thus the purpose of the "local" facilites.

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