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Base DN questions

Two of them.

1) Coudn't find this in the FAQ, but I've talked to LDAP servers before
where I did not have to specify a base DN.  I recall that there is a way
for a client to trivially determine a reasonable base search DN.
Anyways, is there a way to configure my server such that clients need
not specify a base DN?

2) Can I alias a base DN, such that:
o=tellme.com -> dc=tellme,dc=com
ou=People,o=tellme.com -> ou=People,dc=tellme,dc=com
uid=*,ou=People,o=tellme.com -> uid=*,ou=People,dc=tellme,dc=com

Basically, I'd like to set it up so that if some foggy old client starts
doing searches with a base DN of o=tellme.com that it ends up getting
the goods on things in dc=tellme,dc=com.  I'd like to just "alias" the
base DN, or whatever, not create a shadow o=tellmew.com where every
object is a reference to its real counterpart in dc=tellme,dc=com.